BK Davis – Biography

bk davisBK Davis has toured the world with his silky vocals and great keyboard skills. From the corner of Sunset and Vine in Hoolywood, to Kaiserslautten, Germany to Osaka, Japan, to Cairo, Egypt, world has sampled this artist’s wares and found them aurally delicious.

Shifting effortlessly between jazz, Pop and R&B, Davis prides himself on quality renditions of several “new jack standards.” His repertoire, which consists of hundreds of songs, includes: Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight and Change the World; Stevie Wonder’s I Just Called to Say I Love You and Lately; Luther Vandross’ A House is Not a Home and Superstar; Lionel Richi’s Love Will Conquer All and Truly; Nat “King” Cole’s Unforgettable; Errol Garner’s Misty; and Dave Brubeck’s Take Five.

Davis has experienced great success as a song stylist; his solo Jazz cassette, Sweet Rain, a collection of Jazz originals released on his own label, sold 5,000 copies in California, Oregon, Washington state and the Midwest – with no distribution deal. But, performance is only one slice of the pie. Davis has written commercial jingles (his first job at age 20 was with ASA Productions, and Indianapolis commerical music house), compsed original music and be involved in a Gospel music ministry with bands and or recorded with B.B. King, the Yellow Jackets, Gerald Albright, Johnnie Taylor, Billy Preston, Little Richard, the Floaters and G.C. Cameron among others.

“His versatility is one of the reasons he has played with some of the top Jazz musicians,” raved Linda Cook, a report for the Quad City Times, about Davis’ musical skills (QC Times, March 5, 1996).

“For me,” says Davis, “(music) has led me in different areas and different experiences. After so many years, you end up having done so many different things you look back and say, ‘Wow! I didnt realize I did all that.’”

And, while he appreciates the accolades he receives, to Davis they seem premature; he is a perfectionist searching for performance’s Hoy Grail: a perfect concert a perfect recording. He claims not to have found them yet – but there are people in Germany, Japan, Egypt, and America who would sear he was wrong.

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