BK Davis in Japan With a Message

BK DavisBK Davis likes to keep active in the music world.

That’s why the former Davenporter can’t wait to go on tour to Japan in January with Johnny Taylor,  well-known rhythm and blues performer whose hits include “Disco Lady” and “Who’s Making Love.”

BK will play piano, organ and synthesizer in Taylor’s backup band on the tour.

And even though the R&B performer won’t be doing any of BK’s own compositions–which are based mostly on Scripture–the band will in its opening act.

“The Bible has a lot of true meaning–no matter what one believes in. That’s why I think people really want to identify with things that everyone has in common, such as love. Today’s society needs and wants more substance, mean and real communication in their lives, and, to me, the Bible has that,” BK Davis said from his home in a telephone interview.

His musical background includes performing with the “Entertainment Showcase,” a band of soldiers that toured and entertained for the Army as a form of promotion. He also acts as choir director at a Texas church.

“It’s not the ‘choral teaching’ so much as the substance and messages in the music itself,” he said.

But BK said he can relate to the need for other types of music such as rhythm and blues, rock, or jazz.

“Some people who have never had a Christian background can relate to R&B–which also hold some good messages–quicker than they can to Gospel, simply because you use words that appeal to them,” he said.

When he’s not busy working with Taylor’s backup band, composing or working with his choir, he likes to jog, climb cliffs, or oil paint.

And, he adds, he seldom lets the uncertainty of the music world get him down, even though rejection is very much a part of the business.

“I try to take all of my setbacks and learn from them so that I don’t let the rejection defeat me. I like to file it in my memory and let it strengthen me.”

Originally written in 1988.