BK Davis Praised For Contribution to His Profession

BK DavisBK Davis has been included in Outstanding Young Men of America®. He is praised for his accomplishments and contributions to the community around him. BK Davis was nominated in his local area based on his achievement and excellence served in his community. To be included in this edition, BK Davis was found to be exceptional when measured against the standards of his service to others, his professional excellence, civic and professional recognition and community activities.

In his entry in Outstanding Young Men of America®, BK Davis is noted for his education in music which includes: Maryland University- Music and Composition Study; Western Illinois University- Voice, Piano, and Composition Study; Blackhawk Jr College- Piano, Harmony, Theory Study; and the Los Angeles Jazz Institute. In addition to his education, BK Davis is noted for his contributions to his career that includes multiple recordings and compositions. BK Davis is also recognized for his membership in the National Academy of Songwriters.

BK Davis is recognized for his accomplishments and his exceptionality. To this day, he is still emboding those qualities! His love and passion for music is seen every time he performs, and will be captured in his upcoming CD, don’t miss it!


Entry in Outstanding Young Men of America® found in 1985 edition.