Dreams for my heart

Dreams From My Heart


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Poetic Therapy  –  By Rasheen Davis

If – written by: Rudyard Kipling

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Literature has far reaching benefits on the mind, body and spirit.

Poetry, specifically, has been used to cure and focus the mind and heal the shattered fragmented, broken and warped emotions that we all too often suffer from. The mental health sciences all testify to literature, poetry and composition as being one of the greatest medicines for the healthy and unhealthy mind alike.

Poetry, specifically heals the body by calming the mind into serenity and sublimity and tranquility , thus benefiting the body.

Poetry, specifically, benefits the spirit by being a tourniquet to its hemorrhaging that so often bleeds the spirit dry od spiritual blood. Poetry is like the blood transfusion that purifies the impure. Poetry is tho the spirit what water os to the dry cracked desert. Poetry is to the spirit what food is top the body. It would take volumes and volumes of books to properly talk about these benefits.

The greatest minds of every generation and age all attempt to scale the ladder of literature reaching for the lofty intellectual Ivory Towers where Kings, Queens and Giants rest. All do so with an appreciation for poetry, specifically!

These original works, in addition to the timeless classics of poets from Edgar Allan Poe to Paul Lawrence Dunbar and music from Miles to Mozart, are certainly a combination sure to delight, heal and relax the mind, body and spirit.

Some of the poems in this collection include:

  • The Raven – written by: Edgar Allan Poe
  • If – written by: Rudyard Kipling
  • Climb Til Your Dreams Come True – written by: Helen Steiner Rice
  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings – written by: Maya Angelou
  • Sympathy – written by Paul Lawrence Dunbar
  • A Day in History (Obama) by: Rasheen Davis

This audio book also includes famous music composition of artists such as:

  • Beethoven
  • Miles Davis
  • BK Davis and more!!!!

This audio book has been published and produced by: ByDay Publishing

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