Stevie Wonder Tribute

BK DavisB.K. Davis Live Stevie Wonder tribute

“[Watching him is] like watching a scientist putting together an experiment,” said Rasheen Davis, his wife and author of The Chemo Room.

 “He’s not only a really fabulous performer, he’s also bigger than life as a musician,” said Evan Hilsabeck, the managing director at the Coralville Arts Center. “I hope there are people dancing in the aisles.”

 “The hits of the day would always be playing,” he said. “There was this blind genius who could just do anything with music. He was always on the radio, he was always in the top 20, he was always playing.”

 “Stevie Wonder is one of the most amazing artists of all time, and B.K. Davis does his music justice,” Rasheen Davis said. “You think ‘No one can do that song like Stevie Wonder,’ and you’re right. But he doesn’t do it like Stevie Wonder. You recognize it’s a Stevie Wonder composition, but you also enjoy [Davis’s] delivery. It’s a treat — no — a double-treat.”

Watch BK Davis Live at Steinway Hall in Houston on YouTube.

“BK is a consummate performer, a scintillating pianist and a powerful singer. He performed two concerts, one in 2014 and one in 2016 at Steinway Hall – Fort Worth. The variety and dynamic power of both performances were simply amazing. Pop, jazz, ballads, standards, rhythm and blues and a touch of classical are all part of BK’s range. The proof is in the pudding. Audiences were thrilled with both performances. I’ve become a fan of his and you will too.”  Steinway Hall: Kurt Range

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To an electrified audience, BK Davis sang song after song with creative flair and excellence; Like a world series starting baseball pitcher, pitching a no hitter. With the grace of a champion figure skater on ice, he guided the audience comfortably into one song after the next. Contributing writer

Starting his show with a dramatic overture – fanfare of Stevie Wonder mega hits, he glides us into the body of the concert starting with, “Knocks Me Off My Feet”.

Davis’ arrangements of Wonder’s music is surprising with key change modulations and punctuated with pockets of silence where all you hear is the audience clapping in rhythm to the funky beats and grooves.

 As a solo artist, Davis shows musical maturity and dizzying speed. Sheets of sound fill the air like an avant-garde Aaron Copland or a clever Leonard Bernstein. Sometimes playing with both forearms, crushing each register of the piano.

Davis might stop playing simply to stand up and sing the audience into musical ecstasy. Closing his show with a reprise, you know you’re in Heaven. Contributing writer