BK Davis Praised For Contribution to His Profession

BK Davis

BK Davis has been included in Outstanding Young Men of America®. He is praised for his accomplishments and contributions to the community around him. BK Davis was nominated in his local area based on his achievement and excellence served in his community. To be included in this edition, BK Davis was found to be exceptional when measured against the standards of his service to others, his professional excellence, civic and professional recognition and community activities. In his entry in Outstanding Young Men of America®, BK Davis is noted for his education in music which includes: Maryland … [Read more...]

BK Davis Sings

BK Davis

Just eight bars into the new CD by BK Davis, “BK Davis Sings”, and the listener already knows a vocal treat has been tapped into. With a voice and talent that rivals the likes of Jeffrey Osbourne and Luther Vandross, it quickly becomes clear that Davis is a consummate artist. The 11-song CD is the Davenport, IA jazz artist’s third release on his own. “Sweet Rain” in 1990 highlights his gospel roots while “Can’t Stop” in 1991 showcases his forte as a jazz maestro on the keyboards. “BK Davis Sings” is just that—a jazzy compilation of Davis’ smooth, professional vocals backed up by and blended … [Read more...]

Fox Jazz Club

New Years Eve performance. Classic Jazz Music. Tampa, Florida Fox Jazz Club - www.foxjazzcafe.net … [Read more...]

Davis showers gospel on Q-C

BK Davis

A tornado warning and a severe thunder storm didn't stop the release of BK Davis’ last cassette. It was during the springtime of 1993, yet despite the stormy weather several people showed up for his “Sings” tape release party at the Funny Bone Comedy Club (BK entertained during the dining hour for the nightclub’s first two years.) BK is ready to begin working on his fourth release and debut CD. The Quad City keyboardist, singer and songwriter is returning back to his gospel toots for the next project. “Being a son of a preacher,” he said, “I grew up playing in the church. I have … [Read more...]

Q-C Music Man Is On A Roll

BK Davis

BK Davis is pumped. Seconds into our interview, the pianist/singer/composer is as giddy as a kid at Christmas time, describing his new projects. There’s his work with the Mount Zion Gospel Choir of East Moline, There’s his new smooth jazz band. There's are his plans for a Christian album. And of course, there are the primary reasons he’s stopped by the Rock Island Argus on this late afternoon - his new CD of instrumental piano compositions, “Relaxology,” and his date this weekend at LeClaire Park. But before we eve get into talking about any of those gigs he’s got a new song he … [Read more...]

BK Davis Upcoming Events

BK Davis

Not only is BK Davis working on two new CDs, there are plenty of opportunities to hear his music live. BK will be playing at Fox Jazz Club on November 23 and 30. He is also playing for private members only at Longboat Key Clubhouse on November 22 from 4:30 to 8:30 PM. Remember, BK Davis is working on two fantastic CDs! … [Read more...]

Music frames black history

bk davis on stage

Fats Domino was once quoted as saying that before there was the first era of rock’n’roll, black people were in New Orleans rocking. For Salem composer BK Davis, there is no better way to trace black history than though  black music. “All American music stems from basically slave music and early rock’n’roll,” he said. “You can still find traces of it in today’s rap music.” On Saturday, in honor of Black History Month, the BK Davis Singers will perform gosel, jazz and pop in a Black History Celebration, sponsored by Pauline Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church. The program, which … [Read more...]

Performers Note Black History

BK Davis Black History

The gospel and jazz music at a Black History Month celebration Saturday afternoon drew more than quiet toe-tapping from the audience. Many clapped their hands and shouted encouragement to a trio of musicians and the Pauline Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church choir, performing in the Salem City Council chambers. “You know, we’re not at a funeral this afternoon,” the Rev. Nellie B. Thompson told the 50-member audience. She is copaster or the Salem church, whic sponsored the celebration. “If you’ve never heard music from the South, you’re hearing it now. “They’re only putting into it what … [Read more...]

Concert Transcends Cultural Boundaries

BK Davis black and white image

At the beginning of the concert, Byron Davis had his work cutout for him. It looked as  though the 130 Hillcrest School students were listening to a dull biology lecture rather than a music concert. Some of the juvenile offenders were slouched in their chairs, others daydreamed of or chatted with their peers. And one student was absorbed in combing this hair. But during the second song, the lecture had ended and recess had begun. Heads swayed, feet tapped, and hands clapped to the beat. Byron Davis of Portland and eight other band members played gospel music and rhythm and blues … [Read more...]