BK Davis Sings

BK Davis

Just eight bars into the new CD by BK Davis, “BK Davis Sings”, and the listener already knows a vocal treat has been tapped into. With a voice and talent that rivals the likes of Jeffrey Osbourne and Luther Vandross, it quickly becomes clear that Davis is a consummate artist. The 11-song CD is the Davenport, IA jazz artist’s third release on his own. “Sweet Rain” in 1990 highlights his gospel roots while “Can’t Stop” in 1991 showcases his forte as a jazz maestro on the keyboards. “BK Davis Sings” is just that—a jazzy compilation of Davis’ smooth, professional vocals backed up by and blended … [Read more...]

Fox Jazz Club

New Years Eve performance. Classic Jazz Music. Tampa, Florida Fox Jazz Club - www.foxjazzcafe.net … [Read more...]

BK Davis Upcoming Events

BK Davis

Not only is BK Davis working on two new CDs, there are plenty of opportunities to hear his music live. BK will be playing at Fox Jazz Club on November 23 and 30. He is also playing for private members only at Longboat Key Clubhouse on November 22 from 4:30 to 8:30 PM. Remember, BK Davis is working on two fantastic CDs! … [Read more...]