BK Davis Sings

BK DavisJust eight bars into the new CD by BK Davis, “BK Davis Sings”, and the listener already knows a vocal treat has been tapped into. With a voice and talent that rivals the likes of Jeffrey Osbourne and Luther Vandross, it quickly becomes clear that Davis is a consummate artist.

The 11-song CD is the Davenport, IA jazz artist’s third release on his own. “Sweet Rain” in 1990 highlights his gospel roots while “Can’t Stop” in 1991 showcases his forte as a jazz maestro on the keyboards. “BK Davis Sings” is just that—a jazzy compilation of Davis’ smooth, professional vocals backed up by and blended with a collection of equally accomplished musicians, including David Holcomb on piano, James Stroehle on drums, John O’Meara on bass, Neal Smith on guitar, and Manny Lopez on trumpet.

Alternating the pace and tempo between each song, Davis demonstrates varied range and tight control, especially shining on such cuts as “Georgia,” “Round Midnight,” and short offering “All Blues.” Even the minor trouble he has snagging all the notes on the faster runs in “Take Five” is not enough to put a mild damper on the listener’s pleasure.

Although the CD is about singing, the excellent musicianship is also highlighted on several cuts with long instrumental breaks showcasing each artist for several bars in the more conventional jazz tradition, most notably on “Green Dolphin Street.” The synergy between Davis and the other artists produces visual images in the listening, like on “Round Midnight,” which conjures up black and white visions of lonely people smoking cigarettes, sipping cheap whisky and staring at plaster-cracked walls, wondering where life took a wrong turn.

This CD is highly recommended not only for the jazz enthusiast, but for anyone who enjoys competently-produced music that plays as well by candlelight as it does for long rides along the countryside.

BK Davis will be appearing at the Funny Bone Comedy Club on April 19th.

Article originally written by Curtis Mohr–Correspondent.