Q-C Music Man Is On A Roll

BK DavisBK Davis is pumped.

Seconds into our interview, the pianist/singer/composer is as giddy as a kid at Christmas time, describing his new projects.

There’s his work with the Mount Zion Gospel Choir of East Moline, There’s his new smooth jazz band. There’s are his plans for a Christian album.

And of course, there are the primary reasons he’s stopped by the Rock Island Argus on this late afternoon – his new CD of instrumental piano compositions, “Relaxology,” and his date this weekend at LeClaire Park.

But before we eve get into talking about any of those gigs he’s got a new song he wants me to hear, So. once we sit down to chat, he belts out an a capella version of the tune that just popped into his mind on the way down to our meeting, snapping his fingers in time, he delivers an impromptu concert.

After he drops the last note, he softly pumps his fist, beaming with an ear-to-ear smile and eyebrows raised, he leans forward.”So, what did you think?” he asks anxiously.

Impressive as always, BK.

However, with all you’ve got going on, you might need to soak in your latest album a few times to provide the oasis from stress that you’re offering to others.

“That’s what it’s there for,” the genial Mr. Davis says with a smile. “It’s all instrumental-soothing piano melodies designed to help people in this ever-quickening world to take a moment to relax, enjoy the flowers, sit down and rest. The concept came from guys like George Winston, Danny Wright… musicians like that.”

After a life of globe-trotting, the multi talented Mr. Davis has moved back to Davenport.

Most recently he spent three years in Peoria, but he has lived all across the United States, including a stint in Los Angeles, and he has toured everywhere from Egypt to Japan.

The Davenport-born musician learned to play trumpet, xylophone, cello, piano and drums as a child and began writing songs at the young age of 12.

He dove heavily into jazz while he was studying at Black Hawk College and Western Illinois University.

After graduating, he wrote jingles for ASA Productions, a commercial music house in Indianapolis. He also worked as a music director for a church ministry.

Later, Mr. Davis moved to Dallas and started touring nationally with Michael “Patches” Stuart, a band mate of Al Jarreaus’s.

Mr. Stuart encouraged Mr. Davis to try his hand in Los Angeles, and soon the former Quad-Citian was playing with big names like the Yellow Jackets, Johnnie Taylor, Billy Preston, John Robinson and Little Richard.

Now he’s returned home, and he seems to be leaping headfirst back into local music scene.

“I’m in production mode; I’m kickin’ it – I’m like the Bruce Lee of music now,” he says with a laugh. “I’ve got a lot of hot stuff happening. I’m just producing like a madman. Things are going very well.

“Musically, I’ve matured,” he said. “I think the sky’s the limit for me now.”

That’s clear on “Relaxology,”a silky set of smooth jazz and sparkling piano compositions that is gaining airplay on radio stations around the regions, including some local time on Art Monroe’s Sunday jazz program on KMXG-FM.

“It’s just a fabulous offering,”Mr. Davis says of the CD. “Playing the piano is something that I love doing, and I think that joy is reflected on the record.”

Mr. Davis’ musical success isn’t his only reason for happiness lately,he says.

“Relaxology” is available at select local  flower shops and gift stores, as well as at Suburban Landscaping,5210 Jersey Ridge Road, Davenport.It can also be ordered by phone at (319) 949-9898 or (309) 762 8805.


Article originally written by Sean Leary.

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