Memorable Music, BK Davis Style

BK Davis

 Multi-talented composer, singer and Steinway artist, BK Davis, creates memorable music. What sets Davis apart from other pianists is that he's listed among the 250 living worldwide international Steinway artists who own, play and record exclusively on Steinway pianos. His Concert Grand Model B, was a gift from his wife Rasheen. "BK put his career on hold when I was undergoing chemotherapy," she said. Having a convert grand at home, she explained, enabled BK to compose and record music and be there for her and their two young children, Aallyah and Abram. BK, who has … [Read more...]

Davis showers gospel on Q-C

BK Davis

A tornado warning and a severe thunder storm didn't stop the release of BK Davis’ last cassette. It was during the springtime of 1993, yet despite the stormy weather several people showed up for his “Sings” tape release party at the Funny Bone Comedy Club (BK entertained during the dining hour for the nightclub’s first two years.) BK is ready to begin working on his fourth release and debut CD. The Quad City keyboardist, singer and songwriter is returning back to his gospel toots for the next project. “Being a son of a preacher,” he said, “I grew up playing in the church. I have … [Read more...]

Performers Note Black History

BK Davis Black History

The gospel and jazz music at a Black History Month celebration Saturday afternoon drew more than quiet toe-tapping from the audience. Many clapped their hands and shouted encouragement to a trio of musicians and the Pauline Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church choir, performing in the Salem City Council chambers. “You know, we’re not at a funeral this afternoon,” the Rev. Nellie B. Thompson told the 50-member audience. She is copaster or the Salem church, whic sponsored the celebration. “If you’ve never heard music from the South, you’re hearing it now. “They’re only putting into it what … [Read more...]